Teeth Whitening

The best fashion statement is a stunning smile showcasing sparkling clean teeth. Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures aimed at highlighting the aesthetics of a smile and face. With Smile Collective’s integrated high-standard technology, you will receive an incredibly comfortable procedure that can instantly rid discoloured teeth. 

If you’re looking for a brighter, whiter smile and the most popular teeth whitening solution, our experts can help you to achieve the best results. Smile Collective is providing 100% safe treatments that instantly boost your confidence and give you a fresh new look. There is no underestimating the value of a great smile. Our professional teeth whitening treatments offer the quickest and most affordable way to revolutionise your smile! 

Home Whitening Kits

Custom whitening trays are easy to use at home, proffering full results in about 10-14 days. Choose between Pola Day or Pola Night, depending on when you want to wear your whitening system. The fitted tray designs make it easy to get even results. Keep them on hand for convenient top-offs after your six-monthly checkups.

In-Chair Whitening

Short on time? Worry not! Pola White provides efficient same-day whitening and noticeably brighter teeth. This visit only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. So, book your appointment with us today and get your teeth whitening treatment done! 

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Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Boost your confidence and self-esteem

Healthier appearance

Enhanced social and professional possibilities

Speedy Procedure and long-lasting results

Smile Rejuvenation!

Valued at $900

Why not pair this with: A comprehensive checkup, gum and smile
assessment including all X-rays, scale and polish with fluoride
therapy for just $190 (valued at $650).

*T&C’s apply.

Only for suitable candidates – assessed by a dentist.
We recommend a checkup and clean prior to whitening for optimum results.
Available to new patients only.

Why Not Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening?

A professional teeth whitening kit or in-chair session offers brighter, quicker results than commercial gels or strips. With contoured application systems, you can be confident about seeing predictable results that are easy to maintain. But with over-the-counter systems, there’s more risk for tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. In some situations, these products even bleach or burn your gums, causing future problems.


Who is an ideal candidate for Teeth Whitening?

The ideal candidates for teeth whitening should have healthy teeth without fillings or dental restoration and healthy gum tissue. We prefer that the patients do not have visible restorations before whitening treatment. Patients whose teeth have yellow tones are more likely to be more receptive to treatment and be suitable candidates. The most important thing is that patients can get their teeth revised and their gum disease treated to qualify for teeth whitening.

Further, most dentists feel that tooth whitening should not start until age 14-16. Since many pre-teens do not yet have all of their permanent teeth, it is recommended to postpone teeth whitening until all adult teeth are present and a child’s mouth is free of baby teeth.

Custom Smile Design

Teeth whitening is a perfect complement to smile makeovers or even on its own. Further, our team can also combine it with prospects like dental bonding (composite veneers) to address any symmetry or tooth shape concerns. Our practice offers digital cosmetic mock-ups, so the candidate can preview your options before any whitening session is scheduled.

If you’re unsure about the treatment or have any doubts, our team can offer a complimentary smile assessment as well. 

In the meantime, you can take a look at some of the work we’ve done before. Explore our Smile Gallery here.


Are you an Ideal Candidate?

Book a consultation with us and get your teeth whitening session done today.

Why Choose Us?

Caring and Professional Dental Team

The moment you walk through our doors, our team will treat you like family and make you feel at ease. 

State-of-the-art Dental Technology and Equipment

We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advances in dental technology and equipment. 

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Flexible and Friendly Services

No matter the treatment, we aim to provide you with flexible and friendly services.

High-quality and Reliable Treatments

At Smile Collective, we provide proven and guaranteed results, and also ensure high-quality treatments are delivered to all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your teeth will be upwards of eight shades whiter from the current shade. Regardless, the degree of whiteness depends on the shade your desire and the level of blotting on your teeth. Even the mineral content of your teeth plays a part in deciding the whitest possible colouring.

There might be a little feeling of discomfort. Nevertheless, teeth whitening treatment generally is painless.

The most significant benefit that you’ll achieve by seeing a dentist for tooth whitening is quick results. Unlike over-the-counter kits, professional whitening uses a powerful formula that can provide a noticeably whiter smile in a single treatment. 

In most cases, the whitening stays for a full year. But, the results of teeth whitening depends on your lifestyle, food consumption and also the commitment to oral care.