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Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adults!

Oral health is a window for overall health and it is an indicator of a good healthy life. An orthodontist is one who ensures that teeth are healthy and also helps individuals to have beautiful smiles. One can bite, nibble, chew, and talk more efficiently when they have a good teeth structure. Let us mention that misaligned teeth are more difficult to keep neat and may wear tooth enamel abnormally, necessitating time-consuming and expensive dental work.

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term solution. As teeth are pushed into their new places, changes to the jawbone, facial bone, and soft tissue happen. The treatment oftentimes begins with a detailed examination of your mouth and teeth, as well as a consideration of any dental records one may have, including x-rays, pictures, and tooth models. An orthodontist can create a unique treatment strategy based on this.

Orthodontic elements such as braces are particularly associated with cosmetic results as these can be the most prominent benefits to you and your children. Orthodontics can correct various problems that could put your child’s teeth at stake in the future or cause issues with lingo and eating.

The main advantages of orthodontic treatment for children are:

  • Orthodontic treatment can enhance the formation of your child’s teeth, which can increase their confidence and make them feel more comfortable about the way they look. 
  • Tackling issues such as overcrowding and overlapping teeth can also lower the danger of dental troubles in the future by making it more comfortable to keep the teeth clean and stopping damage to any teeth that were protruding or under strain.
  • Fixing a misaligned bite can guarantee that the teeth are set perfectly, which can help with speech issues such as lips or with complications in biting and chewing food.

When to Visit an Orthodontist

If you identify any of these symptoms or problems in your children or yourself, it might be time to organise a consultation with an orthodontist.

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • Sucking the thumb or fingers
  • Crowded, mislaid, or blocked-out teeth
  • Jaws that shift, create sounds, protrude, or are recessed
  • Biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth
  • Protruding teeth or Speech difficulty
  • Teeth that meet abnormally or do not meet at all
  • Facial inequality or asymmetry
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Incapability to close lips

Best Age for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be done in adults but various people have their teeth straightened as teenagers only. Orthodontists don’t usually begin treatments before the adult teeth emerge at about age 7 but they can start at any time after this if required. Most children who require orthodontic therapies start between the ages of about 9 and 14. Although it is never too late to see an orthodontist, there are various benefits to getting orthodontic treatment at an earlier age, such as 

  • Early Identification
  • Improves Confidence
  • Helps with Speaking
  • Lowers Risk of Tooth Decay
  • Improves Digestion
  • Corrects Harmful Oral Habits
  • Guides Adult Teeth

The main reason why it is better to get orthodontic treatment early on is that the jaw bone gets harder as it stops growing. It is easier to move the teeth into the correct position before this happens. Orthodontists can guide the growth of the jaw in children and ensure that any adult teeth that are still emerging are coming through into the correct position. Orthodontic treatments are usually more comfortable to perform when they start earlier.

The best way to guarantee that your kid gets the right treatment at the correct time is to have routine dental check-ups. The orthodontist may like to delay a while to see how your child’s teeth grow or to start the treatment right away. Every child’s needs are diverse so the approach will be tailored to them to get the best results. So, if you are looking for an Orthodontist, give us a call or book your appointment today. 

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